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Static tests

The first testbench was made of an old motorcycle cylinder with piston. After a few tests this bench was completely destoyed by an explosion.

The second was made of an old FIAT-engine in a similar way. Simpel and cheap. At that time (1970-72) we tryed to develop Asphalt+potassiumperchlorate propellant. However the potassiumperchlorate is known to give a high burningrate-exponent (n) of 0.7-0.8. This was not easy to handle as young amateurs, and we destroyed about 6-7 testbenches. Many explosions and we went tired of blasting the nozzle away each explosion. The solution to recover the nozzle was to connect it to a steelvire and a big metallplate. Now we could hear where the nozzle went in case of an explosion, even in dark nights.

Many test was carried out on a Golfcourse during nights. Wide open space and empty of people at nights. Remember that Sweden is located so far north that during june-july it's only dark 1-2 hours each night.

Totally the club built (and destroyed) eight (8) hydraulic testbenches.

Years later when modern electronic was available, we could finally build an electronic meausuringsystem. Photo of Göran B. with the instrument.

Static test of a 5kg zinc-sulphur motor in may 1969. 5kg propellant.

Beautiful static test of PVC+AP propellant 1978. 3kg propellant
Results diagram in here
The NERO testbench in Oirlschot 1977.

Static testbench with electronic measuring of chamberpressure & thrust, photo 1984.

Hercules successfult static test in may 1978

Test of ODEN in december 1979

Thrust 1 ton !

Exploded motor may 1978

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