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Safety guidelines for rocket amateurs

bulletRocketmotors can be VERY VERY dangerous, and includes large amount of high energy propellant. Be careful.
bulletContact other amateurs BEFORE starting by yourself.
bulletReview your countrys laws BEFORE starting by yourself.
bulletNever transport a fully assembled motor anywhere. Always perform final assembly at test- or launching location.
bulletNever ignite a rocket with matches, always use professional made igniters remotely from a safe location.
bulletDon't even think of using rockets for other purposes than scientific/technical/space purposes.
bulletDon't invite other people when testing or launching, as few participants as possible is safest.
bulletDocument what, when, how, where, who, and why
bulletDon't smoke, take drugs or use alcohol at all.
bulletMost accidents happens in the workshop with tools or machines, use proper education and protection. A lathe can be very dangerous without knowledge.
bulletDon't inform details about chemicals on the internet. Terrorists or kids can use it. Remember this is only for peace.
bulletDon't ever inform kids about rockets.
bulletPublish your work on internet, and keep contact with other amateurs about safety.

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