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Amateurs Professional Swedish Professional International
AspireSpace - British organization Swedish National Space Board - Rymdstyrelsen  ESA - Eurpean Space Agency
DARK - Denmark Swedish space portal  Rymdforum (in Swedish)
SSC - Swedish Space Corporation
 NASA - National Aeronautical and Space    Administration
NERO - Nederland Volvo Aero  NASA - Free photos
Norwegian Experimental Amateur Rocketry - NEAR Volvo Aero photoarchive  NEO - Near Earth Objects (Asteroid collission  risk)
UKRA - United Kingdom Rockertry Association Arboga robotmuseum (Swe)  Number of stars i the Universe
MARS - Mars Advanced Rocket Society Arboga Missile Museum (Eng)  Planet Mars exploration 2004
Amateur rocket fired into space Sven Grahn: Svensk rymdhistoria  Truax videos of rocket tests
Mars attacks rocket records  Space calendar
Sheffields rocket break rekord  Rocketlinks
West Lancs Rocketry Society  CNES - France
Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry


 History of spaceflights
Rocket software
Rocket test
SDSU Rocket
Test av Space shuttle boosters #1
Test av Space shuttle boosters #2
Test av Space shuttle boosters #3
Test av Space shuttle boosters #4

Space shuttle landing in HighDefenition (HD)
Ares quarterly report #12
Ares quarterly report #16
 Russian motor RD-180    More on this motor     Even more   Motor RD-170

 Russian Space Shuttle Buran

Reaction Research Socienty - RRS (since 1943)

Solid rocket booster photo#1 photo#2 photo#3
Packing the parachute for the booster

Links to many clubs in USA  Aerojet Redmond
Ale Raketklubb    Sea Dragon - The SUPERLARGE-rocket that was never built


 ILS - International Launch Services
 V2 - German terrorweapen of WW-II  US Airforce Museum
 V1 and V2 crashes in Sweden 1943-45 (Eng)   (Svensk text)  Guiana Space Center
 Rocket pioneers  Buran - The Russian Space Shuttle
 Find out more about rockets  NASA Image Library
 Space UK  ATK Thiokol
 Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight  Video: static test of space shuttle motor
 Spaceflight now  Video: static test as above

Lies and Hoax

 Stennis NASA photos
A few years ago criminal elements tried to inform that NASA did not went to the moon and the spacetravels was a hoax. BUT this information was a HOAX itselt. Read more in these links about the criminal acts.  Misc links and info
The Great Moon Hoax
Bad Astronomy
Anti MoonHoax

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