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This list exclude modelrocketry (toys).

Eskilstuna Raketsällskap

This clubs was active in the early-mid 1960's and was surprisingly advanced for that time. They successfully tested liquid propellant motors, but not much is written about them. Launched a rocket to 3.7 km altitude in mid 1960. The swedish monthly magazine (Teknikens Värld) wrote about the club in the mid 1960's.

Swedish Rocket Society -  SRS

This club launched rockets with mail onboard. These letters was very attrachtive by stampcollectors. One of the rockets was displayed at swedish postmuseum in Stockholm. The club also launched a rocket with mail from Sweden to Norway in 1969, but it crashed on the mountain after a parachutefailure. The motors itself was rather simple and zinc-sulphur was mostly used (accordning to our knowledge). Link to ten lines of text in postmuseum PDF-file, page 28 bottom

Solna Raketsällskap

Could be same club as SRS above, since this club were also launching rockets with mail onboard. One rocket failed to be launched from Waxholm 1st november 1961. Our guess is that this club changed their name to SRS about 1963, but its a guess only.

Huddinge Raket och Flyg Sällskap - HRFS

Located in Huddinge south of Stockholm and active during the 1970's. The club developed liquid propellant motors, but never succeded to launch successfully.


Located in Braås in Småland (South of Sweden). Very active and arranged multiple launchings during the 1980's. The founder and leader of the club now run's Smålands Krutbruk. Pyro Smålands Krutbruk AB is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of pyrotechnical special effects. The company’s pyrotechnics are used for both civil and military purposes.

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